Section 52(4)

SCHEDULE 3Constitution and Procedure of the Mission and Pastoral Committee

1There shall be a person to be known as “the Chair”.

2The bishop, if he so wishes, may be a member and may also be the Chair.

3Unless the bishop is the Chair, the Chair shall be appointed by the bishop.

4All the archdeacons in the diocese shall be members or, if there is only one archdeacon, that archdeacon shall be a member.

5Subject to paragraphs 1 to 4 above, the members of the committee shall be such number of persons and appointed or elected in such manner and for such period of office as the diocesan synod shall determine, but so as to secure that the number of members who are of the clergy and the number of members who are of the laity are, as nearly as possible, the same.

6The written constitution of the committee shall provide for a quorum.

7Subject to paragraph 6 above, the committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership or any defect in its composition.

8The committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees and to appoint thereto persons who are not members of the committee but the constitution may prescribe the minimum numbers or proportion of members of a sub-committee who are members of the committee.

9The committee may delegate any of its functions to a sub-committee except its duty under section 3(5) of the 1983 Measure to afford opportunities to incumbents of benefices and vicars in team ministries to meet the committee itself and its functions under Schedule 4 to that Measure.

10The committee and any sub-committee shall have power to appoint persons who have appropriate expertise whether or not as members of another body to provide advice on any of their functions.

11The committee shall have power to make provision for the appointment of a secretary to the committee and any sub-committee.

12Subject to the preceding provisions of this Schedule and to any directions given by the diocesan synod, the committee shall have power to regulate its own procedure and that of any sub-committee and to provide for any other matters which it thinks fit.