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SCHEDULE 2EContents of Reorganisation Schemes

Provisions relating to compensationE

16(1)A scheme which provides for the abolition or reduction in status of any office in a cathedral or diocese shall make provision for conferring rights to compensation on the holder of that office who has suffered loss in consequence thereof (unless he or she is also an employee in relation to the same function) and shall also make provision with respect to—E

(a)the manner in which claims to, and the amount of, such compensation are to be determined;

(b)the matters to be taken into account in determining whether any claimant has suffered loss giving a right to compensation;

(c)the circumstances in which payments of such compensation consisting of periodical payments may be suspended, renewed or terminated or the amount thereof increased or reduced;

(d)the body by which, and the resources from which, such compensation is to be paid;

and different provision may be made for different cases.

(2)The Commission shall make rules regarding the general principles to be applied in determining rights of compensation under this paragraph and may amend or replace any rules by further rules made in accordance with this paragraph.

(3)Rules made under this paragraph shall be laid before the General Synod and shall not come into force until approved by the General Synod, whether with or without amendment.

(4)Where the Business Committee of the General Synod determines that any rules do not need to be debated by the General Synod then, unless—

(a)notice is given by a member of the General Synod in accordance with its Standing Orders that he or she wishes the rules to be debated, or

(b)notice is so given by any such member that he or she wishes to move an amendment to the rules,

the rules shall, for the purposes of sub-paragraph (3) above, be deemed to have been approved by the General Synod without amendment.

(5)Any person or body exercising functions in relation to the conferring of rights of compensation or to the payment of compensation under this paragraph shall be under a duty to have regard to any rules made thereunder.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 2 para. 16 in force at 1.9.2008 by 2008 No. 3, Instrument made by Archbishops