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Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007

2007 No. 1

A Measure passed by the General Synod of the Church of England to further the mission of the Church of England and, in particular, to make new provision, in place of the Dioceses Measure 1978 and section 8 of the Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1983, for reviewing the provincial and diocesan structure of the Church of England and for making reorganisation schemes, for the change of name of sees, and for the creation and filling of suffragan sees, for the nomination of suffragan bishops and the delegation of functions to them and to other persons in episcopal orders and for the discharge of functions of certain diocesan bodies; to amend the Pastoral Measure 1983 in respect of the making of pastoral schemes and orders and of schemes for the closure of churches for regular public worship; to enable a diocesan bishop, by order, to endorse and make provision for mission initiatives; to make new provision for mission and pastoral committees; to replace the Council for the Care of Churches with a body named the Church Buildings Council and make new provision for it; to make provision for the description of assistant curates and for their functions; to make other amendments to the Pastoral Measure 1983; and for connected purposes.

[30th October 2007]