Section 18

SCHEDULE 2Amendment of Schedule 2 to the Care of Cathedrals Measure 1990

Part 1Amendments

1Schedule 2 to the 1990 Measure shall be amended as follows.

2In paragraph 1(a) for the words after “Commission” to the end there shall be substituted the words “not being members of the Chapter or persons who are employed or hold paid office in the cathedral”.

3For paragraph 3 there shall be substituted the following paragraph—

3.The dean of the cathedral, the administrator of the cathedral and such other members of the Chapter as the Chapter, after consulting the fabric advisory committee, considers appropriate, shall be entitled to attend, and to speak, at meetings of the committee or such meetings of the committee as may be specified by the Chapter, but no such person shall be entitled to vote..

4In paragraph 4 after the words “cathedral architect” there shall be inserted the words “or surveyor of the fabric” and for the words “archaeological consultant to the cathedral church” there shall be substituted the words “cathedral archaeologist”.

5In paragraph 7 at the end there shall be added the following words “, provided that, in the case of a member of the Chapter or a person who is employed or holds paid office in the cathedral, the committee shall have particular regard to the question whether there is any conflict of interests which would make it inappropriate to appoint that person as the secretary”.

6In paragraph 8 for the words “chapter of the cathedral church” there shall be substituted the words “Chapter of the cathedral”.

7In paragraph 9 after the word “may” there shall be inserted the words “after carrying out the like consultation as was required when the appointment was made”.

8After paragraph 11 there shall be inserted the following paragraph—

11A.The business of the committee shall be decided by a majority of the members present and voting thereon and, in the event of an equal division of votes, the chairman shall have a second or casting vote..

Part 2Transitional Provision

9Paragraph 2 above shall not affect the appointment of any person holding office on the date of the coming into force of this Schedule.