General provisions

9Standing Orders of the General Synod

The Standing Orders regulating the procedure of the General Synod shall include provision—

(a)permitting the Archbishops' Council or the Business Committee of the General Synod to introduce to the General Synod draft legislation proposed to be passed by the General Synod;

(b)affording the General Synod an opportunity at each group of sessions—

(i)to consider any report or budget laid before it in pursuance of section 3 or 4 above,

(ii)to consider such other matters as may be referred to it by the Council, and

(iii)to question representatives of the Council in connection with any such report, budget or other matter.


The General Synod shall, without prejudice to paragraph 10 of Schedule 2 to the [1969 No. 2.] Synodical Government Measure 1969, appoint or provide by its Standing Orders for the appointment of—

(a)a committee to be known as “the Appointments Committee of the Church of England”, the membership of which shall consist of persons who are members of the General Synod, at least one third being members of the Council;

(b)a committee to be known as “the Business Committee of the General Synod”, the membership of which shall consist of persons who are members of the General Synod.

11Restriction on elected membership of certain bodies

(1)Where a person is elected by the General Synod or one of its Houses as a member of any body to whom this section applies when he is a member of any other such body, he shall cease to be a member of that other body.

(2)It shall not be open to any person to stand for election as a member of more than one such body at the same time.

(3)This section applies to—


(1)In this Measure, unless the context otherwise requires—

(2)References in this Measure to the House of Bishops, the House of Clergy or the House of Laity shall be construed as references to the relevant House of the General Synod.

13Amendments and repeals

(1)The enactments mentioned in Schedule 5 to this Measure shall have effect subject to the amendments specified in that Schedule.

(2)In the [10 & 11 Geo. 6 No. 2.] Church Commissioners Measure 1947 the following provisions are hereby repealed—

(3)In the [1995 No. 2.] Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1995 section 6 is hereby repealed.


This Measure shall extend to the whole of the Provinces of Canterbury and York.

15Short title and commencement

This Measure may be cited as the National Institutions Measure 1998 and shall come into force on such day as may be appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York acting jointly, and different days may be appointed for different provisions.