Church Commissioners

7Amendment of Church Commissioners Measure 1947

(1)The [10 & 11 Geo. 6 No. 2.] Church Commissioners Measure 1947 shall have effect subject to the amendments specified in Schedule 4 to this Measure.

(2)The Church Commissioners in office immediately before the date of the coming into force of paragraph 8 of the said Schedule 4, other than those who are to be Church Commissioners ex officio by virtue of that paragraph, shall cease to be such on that date.

(3)Any rules made by the General Purposes Committee under section 17 of the Church Commissioners Measure 1947 and in force immediately before the coming into force of paragraph 7 of the said Schedule 4 shall continue to have effect as if made by the Board of Governors of the Church Commissioners.

8Management of assets

The Church Commissioners shall continue to manage their assets for the advancement of any purpose for which they held those assets immediately before the coming into force of this section, and in so doing they shall have particular regard to the requirements of section 67 of the [3 & 4 Vict. c. 113.] Ecclesiastical Commissioners Act 1840 relating to the making of additional provision for the cure of souls in parishes where such assistance is most required.