10Amendments and repeals

(1)The enactments specified in Schedule 1 to this Measure shall have effect subject to the amendments specified in that Schedule, being minor amendments or amendments consequential on the preceding provisions of this Measure.

(2)The enactments specified in Schedule 2 to this Measure are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the third column of that Schedule.

(3)Without prejudice to the application of section 16 of the [1978 c. 30.] Interpretation Act 1978, the repeal of subsection (1A) of section 3 of the [1967 No. 1.] Clergy Pensions (Amendment) Measure 1967 and rules 10 and 11 of the Church of England Pensions (Lump Sum Payments) Rules 1988 shall not apply in the case of the death of a scheme member occurring before the appointed day.