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SCHEDULE 1E Minor and consequential amendments

Part IE Amendments to Measures

Church Commissioners Measure 1947E

1EThe M1Church Commissioners Measure 1947 shall have effect subject to the following amendments.

Marginal Citations

M110 & 11 Geo.6 No. 2.

2EIn section 6 after subsection (3) there shall be inserted the following subsection—

(3A)Before making any recommendation under subsection (3)(b) above the Assets Committee shall obtain the advice of an actuary as to the likely effect of adopting the recommendation on the Commissioners’ financial position as a whole and shall have regard to that advice; and the Commissioners shall ensure that a summary of such advice is included in their annual report under section 12 of this Measure.

For the purposes of this subsection “actuary” means a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries or of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland, not being a Church Commissioner or a member of the staff of the Commissioners, and includes a firm of actuaries..

3EIn section 10(6) after the words “general fund, and" there shall be inserted the words “ , subject to section 7 of the Pensions Measure 1997 (which relates to the use of capital funds) ”.