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5 Jurisdiction and composition of Vicar-General’s court.U.K.

(1)The Vicar-General’s court of each of the provinces of Canterbury and York shall, in respect of every cathedral church in the province, have original jurisdiction to hear and determine proceedings instituted under section 4 above.

(2)Where, in any such proceedings—

(a)the Vicar-General is for any reason unable to act; or

(b)the cathedral church concerned is in a diocese of which the Vicar-General is the chancellor,

the court shall be presided over by a chancellor appointed by the Archbishop of the province of Canterbury or York, as the case may be, to act as deputy Vicar-General; and a chancellor so appointed shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of the Vicar-General.

(3)Any such proceedings shall be instituted and conducted in such manner as the Vicars-General of Canterbury and York, acting jointly, may direct.