Part IIDischarge of Functions


(1)The administrative body of a cathedral church other than a parish church cathedral may pass either or both of the resolutions set out as Resolution A and Resolution B in Schedule 2 to this Measure.

(2)An administrative body which has passed a resolution under subsection (1) above may by resolution rescind it, and the first-mentioned resolution shall continue in force until rescinded.

(3)A motion for a resolution under subsection (1) above in respect of a cathedral church shall not be considered by an administrative body if the dean or any of the residentiary canons of the cathedral church is a woman ordained to the office of priest.

(4)A copy of any resolution passed under subsections (1) or (2) above shall be sent to the following—

(a)Her Majesty;

(b)the bishop of the diocese concerned;

(c)the secretary of the diocesan synod of the diocese concerned;

(d)the registrar of the diocese concerned.

(5)Where a resolution under subsection (1) above is in force in respect of a cathedral church a person discharging any function in relation to the conduct of services in the cathedral church or in relation to the appointment of the dean shall not act in contravention of the resolution.