SCHEDULE 3Minor and Consequential Amendments

Pastoral Measure 1983

19In section 29 of the [1983 No. 1.] Pastoral Measure 1983 (places of worship) in subsection (1) the words “in the parish” shall be omitted.

20In section 54 of that Measure (redundancy schemes in respect of churches closed or demolished otherwise than under this Measure) in subsection (3) at the end there shall be inserted the words “: Provided that, where the Commissioners are satisfied that a new church or place of worship is to be provided in the area of the benefice in which a demolished church was situated, to take the place of the demolished church, the net proceeds and the net premiums shall be applied in accordance with section 46(1)(c)”.

21In section 67 of that Measure (suspension of presentation for period not exceeding five years) in subsection (6)(e) the words “if sequestrators have been appointed under section 68,” shall be omitted.

22In section 68 of that Measure, (during suspension period sequestration of profits and other matters)—

(a)in subsection (1) the words from “and in appointing” to the end shall be omitted;

(b)in subsection (2) the words “appointed under this section in respect of any benefice” shall be omitted.

23In Schedule 4 to that Measure (compensation of clergy), in paragraph 15—

(a)in sub-paragraph (1)(b) for the words from “by the Lower House” to “members of that House” there shall be substituted the words “from among the members of the Lower House of the Convocation of the Province concerned by, in the case of the Convocation of Canterbury, the Standing Committee of the Lower House and, in the case of the Convocation of York, the body of Assessors of the Lower House of that Convocation”;

(b)in sub-paragraph (1)(c) after the words “appointed by” there shall be inserted the words “the Standing Committee of”;

(c)in sub-paragraph (2) for the words “The persons appointed by” there shall be substituted the words “The persons appointed from among the members of” and for the words “his place, in such manner as the House concerned may determine” there shall be substituted “place of the person vacating office, in the same manner as that person was appointed”.

24In Schedule 6 to that Measure (disposal of human remains) in paragraph 3(1) for the words from “cost of such removal” to the end there shall be substituted the words “reasonable cost of such removal and reinterment or cremation or disposal; and if any question arises as to what is a reasonable sum for that purpose the decision of the Commissioners shall be conclusive”.

25In Schedule 7 to that Measure (sequestration of benefice property during suspension period)—

(a)in paragraph 1 for the words from the beginning to ““the sequestrators”)” there shall be substituted the words “During any suspension period the sequestrators”;

(b)for paragraph 4 there shall be substituted the following paragraph—

4Where a suspension period immediately follows a period during which a benefice has been vacant, the foregoing provisions of this Schedule shall apply to any balance in the hands of the sequestrators at the beginning of the suspension period as if it were income of the benefice accruing during that period..