1Modification of provisions relating to effect of certain remarriages on admission into Holy Orders

For section 9 of the [1964 No. 6.] Clergy (Ordination and Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1964 (certain remarriages to be impediment to ordination) there shall be substituted the following section—

9Effect of certain remarriages on admission into Holy Orders

(1)Unless a faculty has been granted by the archbishop of the province in pursuance of a Canon made under subsection (2) of this section, a person—

(a)who has remarried and, the other party to that marriage being living, has a former spouse still living, or

(b)who is married to a person who has been previously married and whose former spouse is still living,

shall not be admitted into Holy Orders.

(2)It shall be lawful for the General Synod to make provision by Canon for empowering the archbishop of a province, on an application made to him by the bishop of a diocese, to grant a faculty to the bishop for admitting into Holy Orders a person who otherwise could not be so admitted by reason of subsection (1) of this section..