7Termination of contributory pension scheme for widows and children under s. 11 of 1961 Measure

(1)Sections 11, 12 and 13 of the 1961 Measure (which provide for the payment of contributions towards pensions for widows and children of clergy ordained after 1947 and before 22nd March 1967) shall cease to have effect and no further contribution or other sum of money shall be paid by any clerk under the said section 11 or 13.

(2)Where the liability of any clerk to make any payment ceases by virtue of subsection (1) above, the benefits to which his widow and children (if any) would have been entitled on his death, if the liability had not ceased, shall be paid at such reduced rate as an actuary may certify to be proper.

(3)Section 1 of the [1967 No. 1.] Clergy Pensions (Amendment) Measure 1967 (which limits the application of section 11 of the 1961 Measure and makes provision for the cessation of payment of contributions under that section) shall cease to have effect.