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SCHEDULE U.K. Contents of Reorganisation Schemes

Provisions relating to bishopricU.K.

2U.K.A scheme by which a new bishopric is to be founded and a new diocese created shall provide for—

(a)constituting the bishop of the diocese a corporation sole and investing him with all such rights, privileges and jurisdictions as are possessed by any other bishop in England;

(b)subjecting the bishop of the diocese to the metropolitan jurisdiction of one of the archbishops;

(c)designating the church which is to be the cathedral church of the diocese;

(d)empowering Her Majesty, until a cathedral chapter for the cathedral church of the diocese is established, to grant to a body constituted by the scheme and styled the provisional chapter of the diocese a licence under the Great Seal to proceed to the election of a bishop of the diocese with a letter missive as provided by the M1Appointment of Bishops Act 1533 and conferring on the last mentioned chapter the right of proceeding to an election in manner provided by that Act.

Marginal Citations

3U.K.The Schedule to this Measure, which sets out the provisions for abolishing the bishopric and conferring rights to compensation on the bishop of the diocese.