Regulation 2(1)


Column 1Column 2
Provisions of the ActSubject matter
Section 22Independent reviewer - guidance
Section 23Independent reviewer – regulation of procedure for review
Section 24Independent reviewer – regulations modifying functions
Section 29List of places of safety
Section 30Place of safety – regulations
Section 31Place of safety – guidance
Section 32Place of safety – reports on use
Section 33(4)Search of child under 12 - regulations
Section 56(3) and (4)Child interview rights practitioners - regulations
Section 57Child questioning and interviewing - guidance
Section 60(6)Modification of key definitions - regulations
Section 65(2)(b)(iii) and 65(3)Taking of intimate samples by prescribed individuals – regulations
Section 66(9)Destruction of prints or samples taken under section 63 – regulations
Section 73Children’s legal aid for proceedings under part 4 (police investigatory and other powers) regulations
Section 80Interpretation
Section 81Civil jurisdiction of summary sheriffs
Section 82Regulation-making powers
Section 83Ancillary provision