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Appointed daysS

2.—(1) The day appointed for the coming into force of the following provisions of the Act is 22 October 2018—

(a)sections 1 and 2 (the Scottish social security principles);

(b)sections 3 to 9 (promotion of take-up of assistance under the Scottish social security system);

(c)sections 15 to 19 (the Scottish social security charter);

(d)section 20 (annual report on the performance of the Scottish social security system);

(e)section 23 (meaning of the Scottish social security system);

(f)sections 24 to 27 (giving assistance according to determination of entitlement);

(g)sections 37 to 52 (determination of entitlement, re-determination and appeal);

(h)section 53 and 54 (identifying possible eligibility and obtaining information);

(i)sections 56 to 59 (duty to notify change of circumstances, appointees and right to a supporter);

(j)sections 61 and 62 (right to appeal process decisions and presumption about receipt of information);

(k)sections 63 to 69 (recovery of value of assistance);

(l)sections 71 to 74 (offences);

(m)section 75 (provision by regulations about investigations); and

(n)section 87 (annual report on appeals).

(2) 22 October 2018 is also the day appointed for section 76 (code of practice on investigations) of the Act to come into force, so far as not already in force (but subject to the saving provision in regulation 3(2)).