Appointed day

2.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), 24th April 2017 is the day appointed for the coming into force of the following provisions of the Act—

(a)section 1 (domestic abuse aggravation);

(b)section 5 (non-harassment orders in criminal cases);

(c)section 6 (jury directions relating to sexual offences);

(d)section 7 (incitement to commit certain sexual acts elsewhere in the United Kingdom);

(e)section 8 (commission of certain sexual offences elsewhere in the United Kingdom);

(f)section 9 (commission of certain sexual offences outside the United Kingdom);

(g)section 41 (interpretation);

(h)section 43 (minor and consequential modifications); and

(i)paragraph 6 of schedule 2 (minor modification of section 54(8) of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009(1)).

(2) Section 43 of the Act comes into force only for the purpose of commencing paragraph 6 of schedule 2.