Article 2


Column 1

Provisions of the 2016 Act

Column 2

Subject matter

Section 60Power to modify application of Part 1
Section 61Further provision about vulnerable persons
Section 62Meaning of constable
Section 63Meaning of officially accused
Section 64Meaning of police custody
Section 78Proceedings on petition
Section 82Preliminary hearings
Section 83Plea of guilty
Section 87Preliminary pleas in summary cases
Section 88Preliminary diets in solemn cases
Section 89Extending certain time limits: summary
Section 90Extending certain time limits: solemn
Section 91Certain lateness not excusable
Section 92Advocation in solemn proceedings
Section 93Advocation in summary proceedings
Section 94Finality of appeal proceedings
Section 95Courts reform: spent provisions
Section 96References by SCCRC
Section 98Meaning of appropriate adult support
Section 99Responsibility for ensuring availability of appropriate adult support
Section 100Assessment of quality of appropriate adult support
Section 101Training for appropriate adults
Section 104Elaboration of regulation making powers under Chapter
Section 105Procedure for making regulations under Chapter
Section 106Other powers of Ministers unaffected
Section 110(2)(a)Live television links: related repeals
Section 111(1)Electronic proceedings: court rules