Supply of full register etc. to certain candidates and restrictions on use

4.—(1) This paragraph applies to a candidate at a Scottish parliamentary election where any part of the area in respect of which the candidate stands for election includes the whole or part of the registration area.

(2) In this paragraph “candidate” includes an individual regional candidate at a Scottish parliamentary election.

(3) In the case of a registered party which submits a list of candidates as regional members at a Scottish Parliamentary election, the entitlement otherwise conferred by this paragraph on a candidate is conferred on the election agent of that party.

(4) For the purposes of paragraph 2(1), the relevant part of the documents listed in that provision is so much of them as relates to the area for which the candidate is standing.

(5) No candidate or election agent to whom a copy of the register of electors or notices has been supplied under paragraph 2 by virtue of this paragraph may—

(a)supply a copy of that register or those notices to any person;

(b)disclose any information contained in them (that is not contained in the edited register); or

(c)make use of any such information,

except for electoral purposes(1).


This is the “permitted purpose” for the purposes of regulation 95(2) of the 2001 Regulations. Regulation 115 of the 2001 Regulations makes provision for offences in respect of contraventions of provisions including regulation 95(2).