Sending of applications, notices etc.

87.—(1) Any application, notice, claim or objection which is required by this Order to be made to an ERO, CRO or RRO shall be made in writing and sent by post or delivered to that officer’s office or to the address specified by that officer for the purpose.

(2) Where an ERO, CRO or RRO is required by this Order to notify any person, such notification shall be in writing and may be sent by post—

(a)in the case of a person other than a service voter, to the address provided by that person for the purpose of such notification or of any record or, if there is no such address, to the last known place of abode of that person;

(b)in the case of a service voter, to any address provided by that service voter for the purpose of such notification or of any record or to the address provided for the purpose by the appropriate government department (as defined by section 59(3B) of the 1983 Act(1) (meaning of “the appropriate government department”) or, as the case may be, the British Council.

(3) Any requirement in this Order that any application, notice or representation should be in writing is satisfied where (apart from the usual meaning of that expression) the text of it—

(a)is transmitted by electronic means,

(b)is received in legible form, and

(c)is capable of being used for subsequent reference.


Section 59(3B) was inserted by the 2006 Act, section 13.