Regulation 8


PART 1Licence granted in respect of a performance

1.  The licence.

2.  The following particulars in respect of each day (or night) on which the child is present at the place of performance or place of rehearsal—

(a)the date;

(b)the time of arrival at the place of performance or rehearsal;

(c)the time of departure from the place of performance or rehearsal;

(d)the time of each period during which the child took part in a performance or rehearsal;

(e)the time of each rest interval;

(f)the time of each meal interval; and

(g)the times of any night-work authorised by the licensing authority under regulation 28.

3.  Where arrangements are made for the education of the child by a private teacher, the date and duration of each lesson and the subject taught.

4.  Details of injuries and illnesses (if any) suffered by the child at the place of performance, including the dates on which they occurred and stating whether they prevented the child from being present at the place of performance.

5.  The dates of the breaks in performances required under regulation 27(1).

6.  The amount of all sums earned by the child by reason of taking part in the performance and the names, addresses and description of the persons to whom such sums were paid.

7.  Where the licensing authority grants a licence subject to the condition that sums earned by the child must be dealt with in a manner approved by it, the amount of the sums and the manner in which they have been dealt with.

PART 2Licence granted in respect of an activity

8.  The records specified in paragraphs 1, 2(a), 3, 6 and 7 as if any reference in those paragraphs to a “performance” were a reference to the activity for which the licence was granted.