Article 2(1) and (2)


Column 1

Provisions of the 2014 Act

Column 2


Column 3


Section 1Power as respects consistency in regulatory functions
Section 2Regulations under section 1: further provision
Section 3Regulations under section 1: compliance and enforcement
Section 4Regulators’ duty in respect of sustainable economic growth
Section 5Code of practice
Section 6Code of practice: procedure
Section 7Power to modify schedule 1
Section 8Scope of Part 2
Section 9Meaning of “relevant function”
Section 10Nomination of primary authorities
Section 11Nomination of primary authorities: conditions and registers
Section 12Primary authorities: power to make further provision
Section 13Advice and guidance
Section 14Power to charge
Section 15Guidance
Section 16General purpose: protecting and improving the environment
Section 17Meaning of expressions used in section 16 and schedule 2
Section 18Regulations relating to protecting and improving the environment
Section 19Regulations relating to protecting and improving the environment: consultation
Section 20Fixed monetary penalties
Section 21Fixed monetary penalties: procedure
Section 22Fixed monetary penalties: effect on criminal proceedings etc.
Section 23Variable monetary penalties
Section 24Variable monetary penalties: procedure
Section 25Variable monetary penalties: effect on criminal proceedings etc.
Section 26Undertakings under section 24: non-compliance penalties
Section 27Enforcement undertakings
Section 28Combination of sanctions
Section 29Monetary penalties
Section 30Costs recovery
Section 31Guidance as to use of enforcement measures
Section 32Publication of enforcement action
Section 33Interpretation of Chapter 2
Section 34Compensation orders against persons convicted of relevant offences
Section 35Fines for relevant offences: court to consider financial benefits
Section 36Power to order conviction etc. for offence to be publicised
Section 37Corporate offending
Section 38Vicarious liability for certain offences by employees and agents
Section 39Liability where activity carried out by arrangement with another
Section 40Significant environmental harm: offence
Section 41Power of court to order offence to be remedied
Section 42Corporate offending
Section 43Offences relating to supply of carrier bags: fixed penalty notices
Section 44Orders under sections 36 and 41: prosecutor’s right of appeal
Section 45Contaminated land and special sites
Section 46Amendment of powers under section 108 of Environment Act 1995
Section 47Carriers of controlled waste: offences by partnerships affecting registration
Section 48Waste management licences: offences by partnerships
Section 49Duty of local authorities in relation to air quality assessments etc.
Section 50Smoke control areas: authorised fuels and exempt fireplaces
Section 51General purpose of SEPA
Section 52Annual report on operation of Part 3
Section 53Meaning of “relevant offence” and “SEPA” in Part 3
Section 55Planning authorities’ functions: charges and fees
Section 56Application for street trader’s licence: food businesses
Section 57Consequential modifications and repealsFor the purpose of commencing paragraphs 2 to 5, 7, 8(1) and (2), 9, 11(1) to (3), 12 to 23 and 25 to 44 of schedule 3 to the 2014 Act
Schedule 1Regulators for the purposes of Part 1
Schedule 2Particular purposes for which provision may be made under section 18
Schedule 3, paragraphs 2 to 5, 7, 8(1) and (2), 9, 11(1) to (3), 12 to 23 and 25 to 44Minor and consequential modifications