Appointed days

2.—(1) 29th June 2011 is the day appointed for the following provisions of the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 to come into force:—

(a)section 2 (application of the 1981 Act to game birds);

(b)section 3 (protection of game birds etc. and prevention of poaching);

(c)section 5 (sale of live or dead wild birds, their eggs etc.);

(d)section 6(2) and (5) (protection of wild hares etc.), insofar as necessary to introduce Schedule 5A to the 1981 Act;

(e)section 7 (prevention of poaching: wild hares, rabbits etc.);

(f)section 8 (sale, possession etc. of wild hares, rabbits etc. killed or taken unlawfully) but only insofar as it relates to an animal killed or taken in contravention of section 11G of the 1981 Act;

(g)section 9 (wild hares, rabbits etc.: licences), insofar as it relates to sections 11G(1) and 11I(1) of the 1981 Act;

(h)section 10 (wild hares, rabbits etc.: power to vary Schedules to the 1981 Act and prescribe close seasons);

(i)section 12 (single witness evidence in certain proceedings under the 1981 Act), except to the extent that it relates to an offence under section 10A(1) of the 1981 Act;

(j)section 18 (licences under the 1981 Act);

(k)section 19 (amendments to Schedule 6 to the 1981 Act);

(l)section 25 (modifications and repeals relating to Part 2 and game licensing) and the schedule, but only in respect of—

(i)Part 1 of the schedule; and

(ii)the first to the twelfth, the fourteenth to the seventeenth, and the last entry in the schedule;

(m)section 33 (protection of badgers);

(n)section 37 (combining sites of special scientific interest);

(o)section 38 (denotification of SSSIs: damage caused by authorised operations);

(p)section 39 (SSSIs: operations requiring consent); and

(q)section 40 (SSSI offences: civil enforcement).

(2) 1st August 2011 is the day appointed for section 34 (Muirburn) of the 2011 Act to come into force.