articles 2(1) and (4), 7 and 8(2)


Column 1Column 2Column 3
Provision of the Commission RegulationSubject matterMaximum fine on summary conviction

(a)Article 2.1(as read with article 1)

Prohibition on landing more than 10 tonnes of herring, mackerel, horse mackerel or combination thereof taken in the specified areas other than in a designated port.£50,000

(b)Article 3.1(as read with article 1)

Requirements on the master to notify competent authorities 4 hours in advance of entering port, of the port of entry, name of the vessel and its registration number, time of arrival and quantities in kilograms live weight by species retained on board and the zone (in accordance with Article 10(d)) where the catch was taken where landing more than 10 tonnes of herring, mackerel, horse mackerel or combination thereof.£50,000

(c)Article 4

Prohibition on landing until authorised.£50,000

(d)Article 5.1

Requirement to submit relevant page or pages of logbook upon arrival in port.£50,000

(e)Article 5.2

Requirement that quantities of fish retained on board (notified in accordance with Article 3.1(c)) are equal to the quantities of fish recorded in completed logbook.£50,000

(f)Article 5.3

Requirement to comply with margin of tolerance of 10% between estimates recorded in logbook and quantities in kilograms of fish retained on board.£50,000

(g)Article 6.2

Requirement that when determining weight any deduction made for water must not exceed 2%.£50,000

(h)Article 8

Requirements to issue weighing slips and to attach such slips to sales notes or take over declarations when weighing facilities used are publicly operated.£50,000

(i)Article 9.3

Requirements to keep and record information in a paginated weighing logbook where privately operated weighing facilities are used.£50,000

(j)Article 10

Requirement to label box or block of frozen fish£50,000

(k)Article 12

Requirement to keep weighing logbook (Articles 9.3 and 11.2 and copies of written declarations (Article 7.3(b)) for 6 years.£50,000

(l)Article 13

Requirement to submit documents to competent authorities.£50,000