Provisions coming into force on 29th January 2007 and transitional provisions

2.—(1) The following provisions of the Act shall come into force on 29th January 2007–

(a)section 12 (False information in applications relating to absent voting);

(b)section 13 (False information in nomination papers etc.);

(c)section 14 (Undue influence);

(d)section 15 (Offences relating to applications for postal and proxy votes);

(e)section 16 (Prohibition of expenses not authorised by election agent);

(f)section 18 (Financial limits applying to candidates' election expenses);

(g)section 20 (Anonymous registration: miscellaneous amendments);

(h)section 25 (Photographs on ballot papers: piloting);

(i)section 28 (Election campaigns and proceedings: miscellaneous amendments);

(j)section 29 (Details to appear on election publications);

(k)section 30 (Repeal of reference to Maundy Thursday);

(l)section 33 (Power to make regulations as to preparation of special lists and records etc.);

(m)section 34(2), (3) and (6) (Miscellaneous amendments);

(n)section 35 (Part 1: minor and consequential modifications) for the purpose of commencing the provisions referred to in sub paragraph (p) and article 3(1)(i);

(o)section 36 (interpretation of Part 1); and

(p)paragraphs 6, 8 and 11 of schedule 2 (Part 1: minor and consequential modifications).

(2) The provision referred to in paragraph (1)(j) does not have effect in relation to any election where the day of the poll is on or before 2nd May 2007 (or, in the case of an uncontested election, would have been had the election been contested).