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The Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006


This is the original version (as it was originally made).

Regulation 2(1)


Where an entity listed in this Schedule is succeeded by another entity, which is itself a contracting authority, the successor entity shall be deemed to be included in this Schedule.

  • Cabinet Office

    • Office of the Parliamentary Counsel

    • National School of Government

  • Central Office of Information

  • Charity Commission

  • Department for Constitutional Affairs

    • Boundary Commission for England

    • Circuit Offices and Crown, County and Combined Courts (England and Wales)

    • Combined Tax Tribunal

    • Council on Tribunals

    • Court of Appeal- Criminal

    • Immigration Appellate Authorities

    • Immigration Adjudicators

    • Immigration Appeals Tribunal

    • Lands Tribunal

    • Law Commission

    • Legal Aid Fund (England and Wales)

    • Office of the Social Security Commissioners

    • Pensions Appeal Tribunals

    • Public Trust Office

    • Supreme Court Group (England and Wales)

    • Transport Tribunal

  • Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    • British Library

    • British Museum

    • Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

    • The Gambling Commission

    • Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England (English Heritage)

    • Imperial War Museum

    • Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

    • National Gallery

    • National Maritime Museum

    • National Portrait Gallery

    • National History Museum

    • Science Museum

    • Tate Gallery

    • Victoria and Albert Museum

    • Wallace Collection

  • Crown Prosecution Service

  • Crown Estate Commissioners (Vote Expenditure Only)

  • Department for Education and Skills

    • Higher Education Funding Council for England

  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    • Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committees

    • Agricultural Land Tribunals

    • Agricultural Wages Board and Committees

    • Cattle Breeding Centre

    • Countryside Agency

    • Plant Variety Rights Office

    • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

    • Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

  • Department of Health

    • Dental Practice Board

    • National Health Service Strategic Health Authorities

    • NHS Trusts

    • Prescription Pricing Authority

  • Department for International Development

  • Department for Transport

    • Maritime and Coastguard Agency

  • Department of the Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor

    • Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers

  • Department of Trade and Industry

    • Central Transport Consultative Committees

    • Competition Commission

    • Electricity Committees

    • Employment Appeal Tribunal

    • Employment Tribunals

    • Gas Consumers' Council

    • National Weights and Measures Laboratory

    • Office of Manpower Economics

    • Patent Office

  • Department for Work and Pensions

    • Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

    • Independent Tribunal Service

    • Medical Boards and Examining Medical Officers (War Pensions)

    • Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority

    • Regional Medical Service

    • Social Security Advisory Committee

  • Export Credits Guarantee Department

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    • Wilton Park Conference Centre

  • Government Actuary’s Department

  • Government Communications Headquarters

  • Home Office

    • HM Inspectors of Constabulary

    • Parole Board and Local Review Committees

  • House of Commons

  • House of Lords

  • Ministry of Defence

    • Meteorological Office

    • Defence Procurement Agency

  • National Archives

  • National Assembly for Wales

    • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

    • Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales

    • Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales

    • Valuation Tribunals (Wales)

    • Welsh National Health Service Authorities and Trusts

    • Welsh Rent Assessment Panels

  • National Audit Office

  • National Savings and Investments

  • Northern Ireland Assembly Commission

  • Northern Ireland Court Service

    • Coroners Courts

    • County Courts

    • Court of Appeal and High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland

    • Crown Court

    • Enforcement of Judgements Office

    • Legal Aid Fund

    • Magistrates' Courts

    • Pensions Appeals Tribunals

  • Northern Ireland, Department for Employment and Learning

  • Northern Ireland, Department for Regional Development

  • Northern Ireland, Department for Social Development

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Agricultural and Rural Development

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Education

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

  • Northern Ireland, Department of the Environment

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Finance and Personnel

  • Northern Ireland, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

  • Northern Ireland, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister

  • Northern Ireland Office

    • Crown Solicitor’s Office

    • Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland

    • Forensic Science Laboratory of Northern Ireland

    • Office of the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland

    • Police Service of Northern Ireland

    • Probation Board for Northern Ireland

    • State Pathologist Service

  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

    • Rent Assessment Panels

  • Office of Fair Trading

    • Office for National Statistics

    • National Health Service Central Register

  • Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Health Service Commissioners

  • Paymaster General’s Office

  • Postal Business of the Post Office

  • Privy Council Office

  • Public Record Office

  • Royal Hospital, Chelsea

  • Royal Mint

  • Rural Payments Agency

  • Scotland, Auditor-General

  • Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

  • Scotland, General Register Office

  • Scotland, Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer

  • Scotland, Registers of Scotland

  • The Scotland Office

  • The Scottish Ministers

    • Architecture and Design Scotland

    • Crofters Commission

    • Deer Commission for Scotland

    • Lands Tribunal for Scotland

    • National Galleries of Scotland

    • National Library of Scotland

    • National Museums of Scotland

    • Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

    • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

    • Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council

    • Scottish Law Commission

    • Local Health Councils

    • The NHS Education for Scotland Board

    • Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

    • Scottish National Health Service Authorities and Trusts

    • The Office of the Accountant of Court

    • High Court of Justiciary

    • Court of Session

    • HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

    • Parole Board for Scotland and Local Review Committees

    • Pensions Appeal Tribunals

    • Scottish Land Court

    • Sheriff Courts

    • Scottish Criminal Record Office

    • Scottish Crime Squad

    • Scottish Fire Service Training Squad

    • Scottish Police College

    • Office of the Social Security Commissioners

    • Rent Assessment Panel and Committees

  • The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body

  • Scottish Record Office

  • HM Revenue and Customs

  • The Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office

  • HM Treasury

    • Office of Government Commerce

    • United Kingdom Debt Management Office

  • The Wales Office (Office of the Secretary of State for Wales)

Regulation 2(1)


Section FConstruction
DivisionGroupClassSubjectNotesCPV Code
45ConstructionConstruction of new buildings and works, restoring and common repairs45000000
45.1Site preparation45100000
45.11Demolition and wrecking of buildings; earth moving

Demolition of buildings and other structures

Clearing of building sites

Earth moving; excavation, landfill, levelling and grading of construction sites, trench digging, rock removal, blasting, etc.

Site preparation for mining:

  • overburden removal and other development and preparation of mineral properties and sites

Building site drainage

Drainage of agricultural or forestry land

45.12Test drilling and boringTest drilling, test boring and core sampling for construction, geophysical, geological or similar purposes45120000
45.2Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering45200000
45.21General construction of buildings and civil engineering works

Construction of all types of buildings

Construction of civil engineering constructions

Bridges, including those for elevated highways, viaducts, tunnels and subways

Long-distance pipelines, communication and power lines

Urban pipelines, urban communication and powerlines

Ancillary urban works

Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions on the site

45.22Erection of roof coverings and frames

Erection of roofs

Roof covering


45.23Construction of highways, roads, airfields and sport facilities

Construction of highways, streets, roads, other vehicular and pedestrian ways

Construction of railways

Construction of airfield runways

Construction work, other than buildings, for stadiums, swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, golf courses and other sports installations

Paintings of markings on road surfaces and car parks

45.24Construction of water projects

Construction of

Waterways, harbour and river works, pleasure ports (marinas), locks, etc.

Dams and dykes dredging

Subsurface work

45.25Other construction work involving special trades

Construction activities specialising in one aspect common to different kinds of structures, requiring specialised skill or equipment

Construction of foundations, including pile driving

Water well drilling and construction, shaft sinking

Erection of non self manufactured steel elements

Steel bending

Bricklaying and stone setting

Scaffolds and work platform erecting and dismantling, including renting of scaffolds and work platforms;

Erection of chimneys and industrial ovens

45.3Building installation45300000
45.31Installation of electrical wiring and fittings

Installation in buildings or other construction projects of:

  • Electrical wiring and fittings

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Electrical heating systems

  • Residential antennas and aerials

  • Fire alarms

  • Burglar alarm systems

  • Lifts and escalators

  • Lightening conductors, etc.

45.32Insulation work activitiesInstallation in buildings or other construction projects of thermal, sound or vibration insulation45320000

Installation in buildings or other construction projects of:

  • Plumbing and sanitary equipment

  • Gas fittings

  • Heating, ventilation, refrigeration or airconditioning equipment and ducts

  • Sprinkler systems

45.34Other building installation

Installation of illumination and signalling systems for roads, railways, airports and harbours

Installation in buildings or other construction projects of fittings and fixtures n.e.c

45.4Building completion45400000
45.41PlasteringApplication in buildings or other construction projects of interior and exterior plaster or stucco, including related lathing materials45410000
45.42Joinery installation

Installation of non self manufactured doors, windows, door and window frames, fitted kitchens, staircases, shop fittings and the like, of wood or other materials

Interior completion such as ceilings, wooden wall coverings, movable partitions, etc.

45.43Floor and wall covering

Laying, tiling, hanging or fitting in buildings or other construction projects of:

  • Ceramic, concrete or cut stone wall or floor tiles

  • Parquet and other wood floor coverings carpets and linoleum floor coverings carpets and linoleum floor coverings, including of rubber or plastic

  • Terrazzo, marble, granite or slate floor or wall coverings

  • Wallpaper

45.44Painting and glazing

Interior and exterior painting of buildings

Painting of civil engineering structures

Installation of glass, mirrors etc

45.45Other building completion

Installation of private swimming pools steam cleaning, sand blasting and similar activities for building exteriors

Other building completion and finishing work n.e.c

45.5Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator45500000
45.50Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator45500000

Regulation 2(2)


Part A

CategoryServicesCPC Reference NoCPV Code
1Maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment6112, 6122, 633, 886from 50100000 to 50982000 (except for 50310000 to 50324200 and 50116510-9, 50190000-3, 50229000-6, 50243000-0)
2Transport by land, including armoured car services and courier services but not including transport of mail and transport by rail712 (except 71235), 7512, 87304from 60112000-6 to 60129300-1 (except 60121000 to 60121600, 60122200-1, 60122230-0), and from 64120000-3 to 64121200-2
3Transport by air but not transport of mail73 (except 7321)from 62100000-3 to 62300000-5 (except 62121000-6, 62221000-7)
4Transport of mail by land, other than by rail, and by air71235, 7321

60122200-1, 60122230-0

62121000-6, 62221000-7

5Telecommunications services752

from 64200000-8 to 64228200-2, 72318000-7, and

from 72530000-9 to 72532000-3


Financial services:


Insurance services


Banking and investment services other than financial services in connection with the issue, sale, purchase or transfer of securities or other financial instruments and central bank services

Ex 81, 812, 814

from 66100000-1 to 66430000-3 and

from 67110000-1 to 67262000-1

7Computer and related services84

from 50300000-8 to 50324200-4,

from 72100000-6 to 72591000-4 (except 72318000-7 and from 72530000-9 to 72532000-3)

8Research and Development services where the benefits accrue exclusively to the contracting authority for its use in the conduct of its own affairs and the services are to be wholly paid for by the contracting authority85

from 73000000-2 to 73300000-5

(except 73200000-4, 73210000-7, 7322000-0)

9Accounting, auditing and book-keeping services862from 74121000-3 to 74121250-0
10Market research and public opinion polling services864from 74130000-9 to 74133000-0, and 74423100-1, 74423110-4
11Management consultancy services and related services, but not arbitration and conciliation services865, 866

from 73200000-4 to 73220000-0,

from 74140000-2 to 74150000-5 (except 74142200-8), and 74420000-9, 74421000-6, 74423000-0, 74423200-2, 74423210-5, 74871000-5, 93620000-0

12Architectural services: engineering services and integrated engineering services: urban planning and landscape architectural services: related scientific and technical consulting services: technical testing and analysis services867

from 74200000-1 to 74200000-1 to 74276400-8, and

from 74310000-5 to 74323100-0, and 74874000-6

13Advertising services871from 74400000-3 to 74422000-3 (except 74420000-9 and 74421000-6)
14Building-cleaning services and property management services874, 82201 to 82206from 70300000-4 to 70340000-6, and 74710000-9 to 74760000-4
15Publishing and printing services on a fee or contract basis88442from 78000000-7 to 78400000-1
16Sewerage and refuse disposal service: sanitation and similar services94FROM 90100000-8 TO 903200000 6, AND 50190000 3, 50229000 6, 50243000 0

Part B

CategoryServicesCPC Reference NoCPV Code
17Hotel and restaurant services64from 55000000 0 to 55524000 9, and from 93400000-2 to 93411000-2
18Transport by rail711

60111000-9, and

from 60121000-2 to 60121600-8

19Transport by water72from 61000000-5 to 61530000-9, and from 63370000-3 to 63372000-7
20Supporting and auxiliary transport services74

62400000-6, 62440000-8, 62441000-5, 62450000-1,

from 63000000-9 to 63600000-5 (except 63370000-3, 63371000-0, 63372000-7), and 74322000-2, 93610000-7

21Legal services861from 74110000-3 to 74114000-1
22Personnel placement and supply services872from 74500000-4 to 74540000-6 (except 74511000-4), and from 95000000-2 to 95140000-5
23Investigation and security services, other than armoured car services873 (except 87304)from 74600000-5 to 74620000-1
24Education and vocational health services92from 80100000-5 to 80430000-7
25Health and social services93

74511000-4, and

from 85000000-9 to 85323000-9 (except 85321000-5 and 85322000-2)

26Recreational, cultural and sporting services96from 74875000-3 to 74875200-5, and from 92000000-1 to 92622000-7 (except 92230000-2)
27Other services

Regulations 2(1) and 4(4)


Relevant StatesAgreement with the European Union which extends the provisions relating to public procurement to the relevant StateStatutory provisions designating the agreements as European Treaties

1.  Bulgaria

Europe Agreement(1)S.I. 1994/758.

2.  Iceland

European Economic Area Agreement(2)European Economic Area Act 1993(3), section 1.

3.  Liechtenstein

European Economic Area AgreementEuropean Economic Area Act 1993, section 1.

4  Norway

European Economic Area AgreementEuropean Economic Area Act 1993, section 1.

5.  Romania

Europe Agreement(4)S.I. 1994/760.

Regulation 8(5)


The goods for the purpose of regulation 8(5) are those specified in the following chapters for the Customs Co-operation Council Nomenclature (CCCN).

Chapter 25:Salt; sulphur; earths and stone, plastering materials, lime and cement
Chapter 26:Metallic ores, slag and ash
Chapter 27:

Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation, bituminous substances; mineral waxes


ex 27.10: special engine fuels

Chapter 28:

Inorganic chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements and of isotopes


ex 28.09: explosives

ex 28.13: explosives

ex 28.14: tear gas

ex 28.28: explosives

ex 28.32: explosives

ex 28.39: explosives

ex 28.50: toxic products

ex 28.51: toxic products

ex 28.54: explosives

Chapter 29:

Organic chemicals


ex 29.03: explosives

ex 29.04: explosives

ex 29.07: explosives

ex 29.08: explosives

ex 29.11: explosives

ex 29.12: explosives

ex 29.13: toxic products

ex 29.14: toxic products

ex 29.15: toxic products

ex 29.21: toxic products

ex 29.22: toxic products

ex 29.23: toxic products

ex 29.26: explosives

ex 29.27: toxic products

ex 29.29: explosives

Chapter 30:Pharmaceutical products
Chapter 31:Fertilisers
Chapter 32:Tanning and dyeing extracts, tannings and their derivatives, dyes, colours, paints and varnishes, putty, fillers and stoppings, inks
Chapter 33:Essential oils and resinoids, parfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
Chapter 34:Soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing and scouring preparations, candles and similar articles, modelling pastes and ‘dental waxes’
Chapter 35:Albuminoidal substances, glues, enzymes
Chapter 37:Photographic and cinematographic goods
Chapter 38:

Miscellaneous chemical products,


ex 38.19: toxic products

Chapter 39:

Artificial resins and plastic materials, celluloses esters and ethers, articles thereof,


ex 39.03 explosives

Chapter 40:

Rubber, synthetic rubber, factice, and articles thereof,


ex 40.11: bullet-proof tyres

Chapter 41:Raw hides and skins (other than furskins) and leather
Chapter 42:Articles of leather, saddlery and harness, travel goods, handbags and similar containers, articles of animal gut (other than silkworm gut)
Chapter 43:Furskins and artificial fur, manufactures thereof
Chapter 44:Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal
Chapter 45:Cork and articles of cork
Chapter 46:Manufactures of straw of esparto and of other plaiting materials, basketware and wickerwork
Chapter 47:Paper-making material
Chapter 48:Paper and paperboard, articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard
Chapter 49:Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry, manuscripts, type-scripts and plans
Chapter 65:Headgear and parts thereof
Chapter 66:Umbrellas, sunshades, walking-sticks, whips, riding-crops and parts thereof
Chapter 67:Prepared feathers and down and articles made of feathers or of down, artificial flowers, articles of human hair
Chapter 68:Articles of stone, of plaster, of cement, of asbestos, of mica and of similar materials
Chapter 69Ceramic products
Chapter 70:Glass and glassware
Chapter 71: Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, rolled precious metals, and articles thereof:imitation jewellery
Chapter 73:Iron and steel and articles thereof
Chapter 74:Copper and articles thereof
Chapter 75:Nickel and articles thereof
Chapter 76:Aluminium and articles thereof
Chapter 77:Magnesium and beryllium and articles thereof
Chapter 78:Lead and articles thereof
Chapter 79:Zinc and articles thereof
Chapter 80:Tin and articles thereof
Chapter 81:Other base metals employed in metallurgy and articles thereof
Chapter 82:

Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal, parts thereof,


ex 82.05: tools

ex 82.07: tools, parts

Chapter 83:Miscellaneous articles of base metal
Chapter 84:

Boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, parts thereof,


ex 84.06: engines

ex 84.08: other engines

ex 84.45: machinery

ex 84.53: automatic data-processing machines

ex 84.55 parts of machines under heading No 84.53

ex 84.59: nuclear reactors

Chapter 85:

Electrical machinery and equipment, parts thereof,


ex: 85.13: telecommunication equipment

ex: 85.15: transmission apparatus

Chapter 86:

Railway and tramway locomotives, rolling-stock and parts thereof, railway and tramway tracks fixtures and fittings, traffic signalling equipment of all kinds (not electrically powered),


ex 86.02: armoured locomotives, electric

ex 86.03: other armoured locomotives

ex 86.05: armoured wagons

ex 86.06 repair wagons

ex 86.07 wagons

Chapter 87:

Vehicles, other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, and parts thereof,


ex 87.08: tanks and other armoured vehicles

ex 87.01: tractors

ex 87.02: military vehicles

ex 87.03: breakdown lorries

ex 87.09: motorcycles

ex 87.14: trailers

Chapter 89:

Ships, boats and floating structures,


ex 89.01A: warships

Chapter 90:

Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical and surgical instruments and apparatus, parts thereof,


ex 90.05: binoculars

ex 90.13: miscellaneous instruments, lasers

ex 90.14: telemeters

ex 90.28: electrical and electronic measuring instruments

ex 90.11: microscopes

ex 90.17: medical instruments

ex 90.18: mechano-therapy appliances

ex 90.19: orthopaedic appliances

ex 90.20: X-ray apparatus

Chapter 91:Manufacture of watches and clocks
Chapter 92:Musical instruments, sound recorders or reproducers, television image and sound recorders or reproducers, parts and accessories of such articles
Chapter 94:

Furniture and parts thereof, bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings,


ex 94.01A: aircraft seats

Chapter 95:Articles and manufactures of carving or moulding material
Chapter 96:Brooms, brushes, powder-puffs and sieves
Chapter 98:Miscellaneous manufactured articles

Regulation 23(4)(j)



1.  In relation to procedures for the award of a public services contract, the following are the appropriate professional or trade registers for the purposes of regulation 23(1)(j)–

  • in Austria, the Firmenbuch, Gewerberegister or Mitgliederverzeichnisse der Landeskammern;

  • in Belgium, the registre du commerce/Handelsregister or the orders professionels/ beroepsorden;

  • in Denmark, the Erhvervs- og Selskabstyrelsen;

  • in Finland, the Kaupparekisteri or Handelsregistret;

  • in France, the registre du commerce et des societes or the repertoire des metiers;

  • in Germany, the Handelsregister, the Handwerksrolle,the Verinsregister, Partnerschaftsregister or the Mitgliedsverzeichnisse de Berufskammern der Ländern;

  • in Iceland, the Firmaskrá or Hlutafélagaskrá;

  • in Italy, the Registro della Camera di commercio, industria, agricultura e artigianato, the Registro delle commissioni provinciali per l'artiginiato or the Consiglio nazionale degli ordini professionali;

  • in Luxembourg, the registre aux firmes and the role de la Chambre des metiers;

  • in the Netherlands, the Handelsregister;

  • in Norway, the Foretaksregisteret;

  • in Portugal, the Registo nacional das Pessoas Colectivas;

  • in Spain, the Registro Oficial de Empresas Clasificadas del Ministerio de Hacienda ; and

  • in Sweden, the Aktiebolags, Handelsellerföreningsregistret.


2.  In relation to procedures for the award of a public works contract the following are the appropriate professional or trade registers for the purposes of regulation 23(1)(j)–

  • in Austria, the Firmenbuch, the Gewerberegister, the Mitgliederverzeichnisse der Landeskammern;

  • in Belgium, the Registre du commerce/Handelsregister;

  • in Denmark, the Erhvervs-og Selskabsstyrelsen;

  • in Finland, the Kaupparekisteri/Handelsregistret;

  • in France, the Registre du commerce et des societes or the Repertoire des metiers;

  • in Germany, the Handelsregister and the Handwerksrolle;

  • in Greece, the Μητρώο ΕρολπτιΧών Επιχερήσεων ΜΕΕΠ of the Ministry for Environment, Town and Country Planning and Public Works (ΥΠΕΚΩΔΕ);

  • in Iceland, the Firmaskrá

  • in Italy, the Registro della Camera di commercio, industria, agricoltura e artigianato;

  • in Luxembourg, the Registre aux firmes and the Rôle de la chambre des metiers;

  • in the Netherlands, the Handelsregister;

  • in Norway, the Foretaksregisteret;

  • in Portugal, the Instituto dos Mercados de Obras Públicas e Particulares e do Imobiliário (IMOPPI) (CAEOPP);

  • in Spain, the Registro Official de Empresas Clasificadas del Ministerio de Hacienda; and

  • in Sweden, aktiebolags-, handels- eller föreningsregistren.


3.  In relation to procedures for the award of a public supply contract the following are the appropriate professional or trade registers for the purposes of regulation 23(4)(j)–

  • in Austria, the Firmenbuch, the Gewerberegister, the Mitgliederverzeichnisse der Landeskammern;

  • in Belgium, the Registre du commerce/Handelsregister;

  • in Denmark, the Erhvervs-og Selskabsstyrelsen;

  • in Finland, the Kaupparekisteri/Handelsregistret;

  • in France, the Registre du commerce et des societés or the Repertoire des métiers;

  • in Germany, the Handelsregister and the Handwerksrolle;

  • in Greece, the ΒιοτεχνιΧό ή ΕμποριΧό ή ΒιομηχανιΧό Επιμελητήριο

  • in Iceland, the Firmaskrá;

  • in Italy, the Registro della Camera di commercio, industria, agricoltura e artigianato and Registro delle commissioni provinciali per l'artigianato;

  • in Luxembourg, the Registre aux firmes and the Rôle de la chambre des métiers;

  • in Norway, the Foretaksregisteret;

  • in the Netherlands, the Handelsregister;

  • in Portugal, the Registo Nacional das Pessoas Colectivas;

  • in Spain, the Registro Mercantil; and

  • in Sweden, aktiebolags-, handels- eller föreningsregistren.

Regulation 48




European Economic Area Act 1993

1.  In paragraph 3 of the Schedule to the European Economic Area Act 1993(5) (limitations on the application of section 2(1)), sub paragraphs (e) and (f) shall cease to have effect.



TitleNumberExtent of revocation
Public Works Contracts Regulations 1991S.I. 1991/2680The whole Regulations.
Public Services Contracts Regulations 1993S.I. 1993/3228The whole Regulations.
Public Supply Contracts Regulations 1995S.I. 1995/201The whole Regulations.
Local Government (Translation Amendments)(Scotland) Order 1996S.I. 1996/974Paragraphs 9 and 11 of Schedule 1.
Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Order 1997S.I.1997/1744Paragraph 5 of the Schedule.
Competition Act 1998 (Competition Commission) Transitional, Consequential and Supplemental Provisions Order 1999S.I. 1999/506Article 35.
Scotland Act 1998 (Consequential Modifications)(No. 1) Order 1999S.I. 1999/1042Paragraphs 20, 21 and 22 of Schedule 1 and paragraph 13 of Schedule 2.
Scotland Act 1998 (Consequential Modifications)(No. 2) Order 1999S.I. 1999/1820Paragraphs 148, 153 and 156 of Schedule 2.
Public Contracts (Works, Services and Supply)(Amendment) Regulations 2000S.I. 2000/2009The whole Regulations.
Postal Services Act 2000 (Consequential Modifications No. 1) Order 2001S.I. 2001/1149Paragraphs 100 and 106 of Schedule 1.
Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2002S.I. 2002/881Paragraph 11 of the Schedule.
Public Contracts (Works, Services and Supply) and Utilities Contracts (Amendment) Regulations 2003S.I. 2003/46The whole Regulations.
Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002 (Consequential Modification of Instruments) Order 2003S.S.I. 2003/242Articles 2 and 4.

OJ No L358, 31.12.94, p.2.


Cmnd 2073 as adjusted by the Protocol signed in Brussels on 17th March 1993 (Cmnd 2183).


OJ No L357, 31.12.94,p.2.

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  • the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy
  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • correction slips
  • links to related legislation and further information resources

More Resources

Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include:

  • the original print PDF of the as made version that was used for the print copy
  • correction slips

Click 'View More' or select 'More Resources' tab for additional information including:

  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • links to related legislation and further information resources