Enforcement of special directions

28.—(1) Without prejudice to any other remedy available to the Company, if a special direction is not complied with within a reasonable time, the harbour master may put persons on board the vessel to carry out the direction or may otherwise cause the vessel to be handled in accordance with the direction.

(2) If there is no-one on board a vessel to attend to a special direction, the harbour master may proceed as if the direction had been given and not complied with.

(3) The powers of paragraph (2) above shall not be exercised–

(a)in relation to a vessel other than a lighter unless, after reasonable inquiry has been made, the master cannot be found; or

(b)in relation to a lighter unless it is obstructing or interfering with navigation.

(4) Expenses incurred by the Company in the exercise of the powers conferred by paragraph (1) above shall be recovered by it as if they were a charge of the Company in respect of the vessel.