Citation and commencement

1.  This Order may be cited as the Disease Control (Interim Measures) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2003 and shall come into force on 31st March 2003.

Amendments to the Disease Control (Interim Measures) (Scotland) Order 2002

2.—(1) The Disease Control (Interim Measures) (Scotland) Order 2002(1) is amended in accordance with the following provisions of this article.

(2) In each of articles 3(1)(b) (restrictions on the movement of animals), 4(b)(ii), 4(m)(i) and (ii) (specific exemptions)(2), and 4A(b) (conditional exemptions)(3) for “20 days” where it appears there is substituted “13 days”.

(3) In article 3(2) (restrictions on the movement of animals)(4)–

(i)in sub-paragraph (a), “(except in the case of a pig moved from a slaughterhouse prior to slaughter)” is omitted; and

(ii)for sub-paragraph (b) there is substituted–

(b)where the animal to be moved has been held separately from animals which have been moved onto the premises in accordance with the provisions of article 5 and the premises have been authorised for those purposes by the Scottish Ministers before the animal moves onto those premises, after receipt of the declaration in the form specified in Schedule 1;.

(4) In article 5(5) (separation of animals on premises)–

(i)for “the 20 day” there is substituted “any”; and

(ii)after “must remain” there is added “separated”.

Consequential revocation

3.  Article 2(2)(b) of the Disease Control and Animal Movements (Interim Measures) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2002(5) is revoked.


A member of the Scottish Executive

St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh

27th March 2003