Panel of legal representatives

5.—(1) Where the business meeting or Children’s Hearing appoints a legal representative, the local authority shall make appropriate arrangements for a legal representative to attend the Hearing, who shall be a person who holds a current practising certificate issued by the Law Society of Scotland and who is appointed to one of the following:–

(a)the panel of persons to safeguard the interests of children established under the Social Work (Panels of Persons to Safeguard the Interests of Children) (Scotland) Regulations 2001(1) for the local authority area within which the child resides, or if circumstances require, from any other local authority list in Scotland; or

(b)the panel of curators ad litem and reporting officers established under the Curators ad Litem and Reporting Officers (Panels) (Scotland) Regulations 2001(2) for the Sheriff Court area within which the child resides or, if circumstances require, any other Sheriff Court district within Scotland.

(2) The local authority shall notify the Principal Reporter of the name of the legal representative.