Regulation 4


1.  Expenses, which the Scottish Ministers determine are not of an administrative nature, in or in connection with the purchase, hiring, installation, maintenance or use of communications equipment provided for use in connection with the control and co-ordination of action to be taken in the event of hostile attack or a threat of hostile attack.

2.  Expenses in and in connection with–

(a)the employment for civil defence purposes of any member of the staff of a police authority who is employed primarily for such purposes; and

(b)the use, for the purpose of discharging the civil defence functions of a police authority, of the services of any member of a police force.

3.  Expenses relating to training for civil defence purposes–

(a)of providing such training for regular constables and special constables; and

(b)of taking part in training exercises organised by or on behalf of the Scottish Ministers,

other than expenses consisting of payments of salary or other remuneration to regular constables.

4.  Expenses consisting of payments made in respect of the travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses incurred by regular constables and special constables in attending training courses or other forms of training in civil defence provided by or on behalf of the Scottish Ministers.

5.  Expenses consisting of payments made for the reimbursement of reasonable expenditure incurred by persons serving as volunteers in taking part in any form of training in civil defence organised by a local authority, or by or on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, to the extent that such expenditure would not have been incurred by those persons if they had not been taking part in that training.

6.  Expenses, not included in the preceding paragraphs of this Schedule, which the Scottish Ministers determine are capital expenses and not of an administrative nature, in connection with the provision of any article other than an article–

(a)which is intended to form part of any permanent or semi permanent works including, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any article which when in use is analogous to a landlord’s fixture; or

(b)which is to be used for equipping an office.

Regulation 9


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