Cancellation of registration or particulars

7.—(1) SEPA may cancel the registration with it of a holder where it appears to them that the applicant supplied false information in connection with that application for registration or has failed to comply with regulation 10(1) or (2) or a notice under regulation 10(4) (whether or not proceedings are instituted under regulation 13).

(2) SEPA shall cancel the registered particulars in respect of a particular location if it appears to them that the registered holder does not hold contaminated equipment there.

(3) Before any cancellation under paragraph (1) or (2) takes effect, SEPA shall, subject to paragraph (4), serve on the registered holder notice in writing (or in electronic form) of–

(a)its decision to cancel;

(b)the reasons for the decision; and

(c)the date when the cancellation will take effect, being not earlier than 28 days from the date of service of the notice.

(4) Nothing in paragraph (3) shall require SEPA to give notice of a cancellation which gives effect to information supplied by a registered holder pursuant to regulation 10(1) and (2) or a notice under regulation 10(4).