Tidal works not to be executed without approval of the Scottish Ministers

8.—(1) A tidal work shall not be demolished, constructed, renewed, reconstructed or altered except in accordance with plans and sections approved by the Scottish Ministers and subject to any conditions and restrictions imposed by the Scottish Ministers before the work is begun or while work is still in progress.

(2) If a tidal work is demolished, constructed, renewed, reconstructed or altered in contravention of this article or of any condition or restriction imposed under this article–

(a)the Scottish Ministers may by notice in writing require Scottish Natural Heritage at its own expense to remove the tidal work or any part thereof and restore the site thereof to its former condition; and if on the expiration of 30 days from the date when the notice is served upon Scottish Natural Heritage it has failed to comply with the requirements of the notice, the Scottish Ministers may execute the works specified in the notice; or

(b)if it appears to the Scottish Ministers urgently necessary to do so, they may themselves remove the tidal work or part of it and restore the site to its former condition,

and any expenditure incurred by the Scottish Ministers in so doing shall be recoverable from Scottish Natural Heritage as a debt.