Crown rights

29.—(1) Nothing in this Order affects prejudicially any estate, right, power, privilege, authority or exemption of the Crown and in particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, nothing in this Order authorises the Council or any licensee to take, use, enter upon or in any manner interfere with any land or interests in land or any rights of whatsoever description (including any portion of the shore or bed of the sea or any river, channel, creek, bay or estuary)–

(a)belonging to Her Majesty in right of Her Crown and under the management of the Crown Estate Commissioners, without the consent in writing of those Commissioners; or

(b)belonging to a government department or held in trust for Her Majesty for the purposes of a government department, without the consent in writing of that government department.

(2) A consent under paragraph (1) above may be given unconditionally or subject to terms and conditions.