Citation, commencement and interpretation

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Food (Animals and Animal Products from Belgium) (Emergency Control) (Scotland) Order 1999 and shall come into force on 29th July 1999.

(2) In this Order –

“the Act” means the Food Safety Act 1990;

“animal” includes any bird;

“the Commission Decision” means Commission Decision 1999/449/EC on protective measures with regard to contamination by dioxins of certain animal products intended for human or animal consumption(1);

“free circulation” shall be construed in accordance with Article 23.2 of the Treaty establishing the European Community;

“member State” means a member State of the European Community other than Belgium or the United Kingdom; and

“relevant animal or animal product” means an entity coming within any of the following descriptions–


live animals and hatching eggs as referred to in Article 3 of the Commission Decision,


products of Belgian origin covered by Article 1.4 of the Commission Decision, and


products which are derived or partly derived from live animals or hatching eggs referred to in sub-paragraph (a) above or contain any of the products referred to in sub-paragraph (b) above,

but only includes food and food sources.

(3) Other expressions used both in this Order and in the Commission Decision have, in so far as the context admits, the same meaning in this Order as they bear in that Decision.


OJ No. L175, 10.7.1999, p.70.