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Draft Regulations laid before the Scottish Parliament under section 32(2) of the UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Act 2020 for approval by resolution of the Scottish Parliament.

Draft Scottish Statutory Instruments

2020 No.

Sports Grounds And Sporting Events

The UEFA European Championship (Trading and Advertising) (Scotland) Regulations 2020



Coming into force in accordance with regulation 1(1)

The Scottish Ministers make the following Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 1(1), 6(3), 7(3), 12(2) and 13(3) of the UEFA European Championship (Scotland) Act 2020(1) and all other powers enabling them to do so.

In accordance with section 33(1) of that Act, they have consulted the Local Organising Committee and other persons they consider appropriate.

In accordance with section 33(2) of that Act, they have had regard to any requests or guidance from UEFA and, where relevant, the impact of these Regulations on the effective operation of the Championship.

In accordance with section 32(2) of that Act, a draft of this instrument has been laid before, and approved by resolution of, the Scottish Parliament.

The powers to make these Regulations are exercised together by virtue of section 33(2) of the Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Act 2010(2). The Regulations are subject to affirmative procedure by virtue of section 33(3) of that Act.


2020 asp 1. Section 1 was relevantly amended by the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No. 2) Act 2020 (asp 10).