Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland

2020 No. 226

Social Security

The Universal Credit (Earned Income) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020


21st October 2020

Coming into operation

16th November 2020

The Department for Communities makes the following Regulations, in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 5(1A) and 165(1) to (4) and (6) of the Social Security Administration (Northern Ireland) Act 1992(1), and now vested in it(2) and Article 48(1) and (2) and paragraph 4(1)(b) and (c) of Schedule 1 to, the Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015(3).


1992 c. 8 Section 5(1A) was inserted by Article 104(3) of S.I. 2015/2006 (N.I. 1)


See Article 8(b) of S.R. 1999 No. 481. The Department for Social Development was renamed the Department for Communities in accordance with section 1(7) of the Departments Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 (c. 5 (N.I.)