Statutory Rules of Northern Ireland

2020 No. 205


Road Traffic And Vehicles

The Motorways Traffic (Amendment No. 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020


29th September 2020

Coming into operation

11th November 2020

The Department for Infrastructure(1) makes the following Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 20(3) of the Roads (Northern Ireland) Order 1993(2) and now vested in it(3).

Citation and commencement

1.  These regulations may be cited as The Motorways Traffic (Amendment No. 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020 and shall come into operation on 11th November 2020.


2.  The Motorways Traffic Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008(4) are amended by the substitution for Regulation 14(d) of the following—

(d)he does so—

(i)in the exercise of his duty as a constable or as a member of a Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service or as a member of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service; or

(ii)as authorised by the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland for the purposes of police driver training on the motorway.

Sealed with the Official Seal of the Department for Infrastructure on 29th September 2020


D J Millar

A senior officer of the Department for Infrastructure


(This note is not part of the Order)

These Regulations amend The Motorways Traffic Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2008 to permit authorised police employees as well as police officers to provide police tactical pursuit training on the Motorway.


S.R. 1999 No. 481 Article 6(d) and Schedule 4 Part IV


S.R. 2008 No. 135 to which there are no relevant amendments