Articles 2 and 4


1.  The—

(a)inspection, examination, testing and weighing of vehicles, their parts, accessories, equipment and loads;

(b)supervision and licensing of drivers and motorcyclists;

(c)administration of the Register of Approved Driving Instructors;

(d)Register of Approved Motorcycle Instructors; and

(e)driving records.

2.  The enforcement of laws relating to, or connected with, vehicles in so far as such enforcement does not fall within paragraph 1.

3.  The licensing and regulation of passenger carrying operators, vehicles and drivers.

4.  The provision of authority required for carrying on activities relating to vehicles and authorisation to drive, in so far as such provision does not fall within paragraph 1 or 2.

5.  The promotion of road and vehicle safety and of environmental protection in connection with vehicles and vehicle drivers in so far as such promotion does not fall within paragraph 1, 2 or 4.

6.  The carrying out of operations incidental, conducive or otherwise ancillary to the conduct of the operations described above.