PART 13Supplementary

CHAPTER 6Payment and deduction of tax

Information about payment of annual allowance charge

218.—(1) If a member’s pension scheme input amount for this scheme for a tax year exceeds the amount of the annual allowance for that tax year, paragraph (2) applies in respect of the member for that tax year.

(2) The scheme manager must, no later than 31st July after the end of the tax year, provide the member with any information the scheme manager considers appropriate to assist the member to arrange payment of the annual allowance charge for that tax year.

(3) In this regulation, “pension scheme input amount” has the same meaning as in section 237B(2) of the 2004 Act(1) (liability of scheme administrator).


2004 c. 12; section 237B was inserted by the Finance Act 2011 (c. 11), Schedule 17, paragraph 15 and was amended by the Finance Act 2013 (c. 29), Schedule 46, paragraphs 119 and 129.