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Regulation 3(3)


1.  After paragraph 5 of Schedule 3 to the principal Regulations, add the following paragraph–N.I.

6.(1) This paragraph applies to the temporary storage of metallic mercury for more than one year.

(2) A continuous mercury monitoring system with a sensitivity of at least 0.02 mg mercury/m3 must be installed in the storage site.

(3) Sensors must be positioned at ground level and head level and must include a visual and acoustic alert system.

(4) The mercury monitoring system must be maintained annually.

(5) The storage site must be visually inspected at least once a month by a person authorised by the operator to do so.

(6) If a leak is detected, the operator must–

(a)take all necessary action to avoid any emission of mercury to the environment; and,

(b)ensure the safe storage of the mercury.

(7) Any leak identified must be treated as having significant adverse environmental effects and regulation 14(3) and (4) apply accordingly.

(8) All of the following documents must be prepared and retained for a minimum of three years following termination of the storage namely–

(a)documents containing the information referred to in paragraph 16A of Schedule 1;

(b)documents containing the information referred to in sub-paragraphs (2) to (7) of this paragraph;

(c)the certificate referred to in paragraph 16A(5) of Schedule 1;

(d)records relating to the de-stocking and dispatch of the metallic mercury following its temporary storage;

(e)records relating to the destination and intended treatment of the metallic mercury after the termination of the temporary storage..