Article 2(2)

SCHEDULEProvisions of the Act coming into operation on 6th April 2011 in so far as they are not already in operation

Provisions of the ActSubject matter
Section 86Scope of mechanism
Section 87Interpretation
Section 88Activation of pension compensation sharing
Section 89Creation of pension compensation debits and credits
Section 90Cash equivalents
Section 91Reduction of compensation
Section 92Time for discharge of liability
Section 93“Implementation period”
Section 94Discharge of liability
Section 95Charges in respect of pension compensation sharing costs
Section 96Supply of information about pension compensation in relation to divorce etc.
Section 97Supply of information about pension compensation sharing
Section 98Pension compensation sharing and attachment on divorce etc.
Section 99Charges in respect of pension sharing etc.
Section 101Consequential amendments
Schedule 4, paragraphs 1 to 10 and 12 to 20Pension compensation payable on discharge of pension compensation credit
Schedule 5Pension compensation on divorce etc.
Part 4 of Schedule 10 and section 116 in so far as it relates to that PartRepeals