Procedure at second interview

11.—(1) The following provisions of this regulation shall apply to the procedure to be followed at the second interview.

(2) Subject to regulation 10(2) and (3), the interview shall be conducted by the countersigning officer and the human resources manager.

(3) The countersigning officer shall—

(a)explain to the member concerned the reasons why the countersigning officer and the reporting officer are of the opinion that the member has failed to make sufficient improvement in his performance or attendance; and

(b)provide him with a full opportunity of making representations in response.

(4) If, after considering any representations made by the member concerned, the countersigning officer is satisfied that the member’s performance or attendance has been unsatisfactory during the period specified by the interviewing officer under regulation 7(3)(d), he shall—

(a)inform the member concerned in what respect his performance or attendance as a member is considered unsatisfactory;

(b)warn him that he is required to improve his performance or attendance in any such respect;

(c)inform him of any specific action which he is required to take to achieve such an improvement; and

(d)warn him that if sufficient improvement is not made within such a period as the countersigning officer shall specify, he may be required to attend an unsatisfactory performance or attendance hearing in accordance with Part 4 at which the chairman will have the power, if appropriate, to require him to resign from the police service or to order a reduction in rank.

(5) The countersigning officer may adjourn the interview to a specified later time or date if it appears to him necessary or expedient to do so.