Regulation 25(4)

SCHEDULE 7Information to be included in air quality plans

1.  Localisation of excess pollution—


(b)city (map); and

(c)measuring station (map, geographical co-ordinates).

2.  General information—

(a)type of zone (city, industrial or rural area);

(b)estimate of the polluted area (km2) and of the population exposed to the pollution;

(c)useful climatic data;

(d)relevant data on topography; and

(e)sufficient information on the type of targets requiring protection in the zone.

3.  Responsible authorities (names and addresses of persons responsible for the development and implementation of air quality plans).

4.  Nature and assessment of pollution—

(a)concentrations observed over previous years (before the implementation of the improvement measures);

(b)concentrations measured since the beginning of the project; and

(c)techniques used for the assessment.

5.  Origin of pollution—

(a)list of the main emission sources responsible for pollution (map);

(b)total quantity of emissions from these sources (tonnes per year); and

(c)information on pollution imported from other regions.

6.  Analysis of the situation—

(a)details of those factors responsible for exceeding the limit value or target value (transport, including cross-border transport, formation of secondary pollutants in the atmosphere); and

(b)details of possible measures for improvement of air quality.

7.  Details of those measures or projects for improvements which existed prior to 11 June 2008—

(a)local, regional, national and international measures; and

(b)observed effects of those measures.

8.  Details of those measures or projects adopted with a view to reducing pollution following 11 June 2008—

(a)listing and description of all the measures set out in the project;

(b)timetable for implementation; and

(c)estimate of the improvement of air quality planned and of the expected time required to attain these objectives.

9.  Details of the measures or projects planned or being researched for the long term.

10.  List of the publications, documents and work etc. used to supplement information required by this Schedule.