Tenure of office

6.—(1) The tenure of office of the Chair and the members of the RBSO appointed under regulation 2(1)—

(a)shall be for a period not exceeding 4 years; or

(b)such other period as may be determined by the Department at the time the appointments are made.

(2) Subject to regulation 4, the Chair or a member of the RBSO appointed under regulation 2(1) may, on termination of the period of tenure of office, be eligible for re-appointment for such further period, not exceeding 4 years, as the Department may in any particular case determine.

(3) The Department may instead of re-appointing the Chair or a member of the RBSO appointed under regulation 2(1) on the expiration of his tenure of office, extend his appointment for such further period as may appear reasonable in the particular circumstances; but the period by which an appointment is extended must not exceed 4 years.

(4) A member of the RBSO specified in regulation 2(2)—

(a)who ceases to hold the qualifying office, shall cease to be a member of the RBSO; or

(b)who is suspended from the qualifying office shall be suspended from membership of the RBSO while suspended from that office.

(5) In paragraph (4), “the qualifying office” in relation to a member of the RBSO means the office under the RBSO which the member held at the time of becoming a member of the RBSO.