1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. 2.Interpretation

  4. 3.Constitution of Ophthalmic Committee

  5. 4.Delegation of duties

  6. 5.Qualifications of ophthalmic medical practitioners

  7. 6.Approval of qualifications of ophthalmic medical practitioners

  8. 7.Appeals against decisions of Ophthalmic Qualifications Committee

  9. 8.Ophthalmic list

  10. 9.Application for inclusion in ophthalmic list

  11. 10.Withdrawal from ophthalmic list

  12. 11.Removal from ophthalmic list

  13. 12.The Statement

  14. 13.Terms of Service

  15. 14.Payment for services

  16. 15.Payments to an ophthalmic medical practitioner or optician suspended by direction of the Tribunal

  17. 16.Sight Tests – eligibility

  18. 17.Sight tests – applications

  19. 18.Sight test treated as a test under general ophthalmic services

  20. 19.School children

  21. 20.Cases of disability

  22. 21.Publication of particulars

  23. 22.Service of documents

  24. 23.Revocations and transitional provisions

  25. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. 1.Interpretation

      2. 2.Incorporation of provisions

      3. 3.Premises at which general ophthalmic services are to be provided

      4. 4.Provision of mobile services

      5. 5.Premises and equipment

      6. 6.Notices

      7. 7.Records

      8. 8.Deputies

      9. 9.Employees

      10. 10.Complaints

      11. 11.Co-operation with investigations

      12. 12.Complaints against ophthalmic medical practitioners

      13. 13.Payments

      14. 14.Testing of Sight

      15. 15.Use of disqualified name

      16. 16.Telephone services

    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. 1.The Ophthalmic Committee appointed by the Agency, after consultation with...

      2. 2.The Chairman shall be an optician appointed by the Department....

      3. 3.The term of office of members of the Committee shall...

      4. 4.Where the place of a member becomes vacant before the...

      5. 5.A member of the Committee may resign his membership by...

      6. 6.Where any member of the Committee— (a) is absent from...

      7. 7.Where a person who provides any ophthalmic or other professional...

      8. 8.The proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by...

      9. 9.A member of the Committee who is appointed on the...

    3. SCHEDULE 3


  26. Explanatory Note