Universal credit

Changes to child element of universal credit

10.—(1) Article 15 of the 2015 Order (responsibility for children and young persons) is amended as follows.

(2) After paragraph (1) insert—

(1A) But the amount mentioned in paragraph (1) is to be available in respect of a maximum of two persons who are either children or qualifying young persons for whom a claimant is responsible.

(3) In paragraph (2)—

(a)for “if such a” substitute “for each”;

(b)after “person” insert “for whom a claimant is responsible who”.

(4) In paragraph (4) at the end insert “or (1A)”.

(5) In the Universal Credit Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016—

(a)in regulation 25(1) (the child element), after “responsible” insert “and in respect of whom an amount may be included under Article 15”;

(b)in regulation 38 (table showing amount of elements), in the table—

(i)omit the row under “Child element” showing the amount for first child or qualifying young person;

(ii)in the row under “Child element” showing the amount for second and each subsequent child or qualifying young person, for “second and each subsequent” substitute “each”.

(6) The Department may by regulations make such transitional or transitory provision or savings as the Department considers necessary or expedient in connection with the coming into force of this Article.

(7) Regulations under this Article are subject to negative resolution.

Universal credit: limited capability for work

11.  In Article 17(2) of the 2015 Order (universal credit: particular needs or circumstances), omit sub-paragraph (a).

Universal credit: work-related requirements

12.—(1) In Chapter 2 of Part 2 of the 2015 Order (claimant responsibilities)—

(a)in Article 25(1)(a) (claimants subject to work-focused interview requirement only), for the words from “at least one” to “3)” substitute “one”;

(b)in Article 26(1) (claimants subject to work preparation requirement), after sub-paragraph (a) (but before the “or” immediately after it) insert—

(aa)the claimant is the responsible carer for a child who is aged 2,;

(c)omit Article 26(5) (claimants of prescribed description to include responsible carers of children aged 3 or 4).

(2) In the Universal Credit Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016 in regulation 90 (claimants subject to work-focused interview requirement only), omit paragraph (1).