Use of fixed penalty receipts

17.—(1) A district council may use its fixed penalty receipts only for the purposes of—

(a)its functions under this Order; or

(b)such other functions (if any) as are specified in regulations made by the Department.

(2) A council shall supply the Department with such information relating to its use of its fixed penalty receipts as the Department may require.

(3) The Department may by regulations—

(a)make provision for what a council is to do with its fixed penalty receipts—

(i)pending their being used for the purposes mentioned in sub-paragraph (1);

(ii)if they are not so used before such time after their receipt as may be specified in the regulations;

(b)make provision for accounting arrangements in respect of a council’s fixed penalty receipts.

(4) The provision that may be made under sub-paragraph (3)(a)(ii) includes (in particular) provision for the payment of sums to a person (including the Department) other than the council.

(5) Before making regulations under this paragraph the Department shall consult district councils and—

(a)such associations or bodies representative of councils;

(b)such associations or bodies representative of officers of councils; and

(c)such other persons or bodies,

as the Department considers appropriate.

(6) In this Article references to a district council’s fixed penalty receipts are to the sums received by the council in respect of fixed penalties under this Schedule.