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Powers to require informationN.I.

Power to require information about occupiers of hereditaments in capital value list, etc.N.I.

36.—(1) Article 26 of the principal Order (power of Department to require information as to ownership, etc., of hereditaments) shall be amended as follows.

(2) After paragraph (2) there shall be inserted the following paragraph—

(2ZA) The Department may, for the purposes of this Order, serve a notice on any relevant person requiring him to state to the Department in writing, within a period and in the manner specified in the notice, the following information if it is within his knowledge or control—

(a)the name of the occupier of a hereditament specified in the notice;

(b)the name and address of the owner of a hereditament specified in the notice..

(3) In paragraph (2B)—

(a)for the words “paragraph (2A)” there shall be substituted the words “ paragraphs (2ZA) and (2A) ”;

(b)after sub-paragraph (b) there shall be inserted the following sub-paragraph—

(bb)the owner of the hereditament;.