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Pensions in payment at assessment dateN.I.

4.—(1) This paragraph applies where—N.I.

(a)the pensioner dies on or after the assessment date, and

(b)the pension was attributable—

(i)to the pensioner's pensionable service, or

(ii)(directly or indirectly) to a pension credit to which the pensioner became entitled under Article 26(1)(b) of the 1999 Order.

(2) Subject to sub-paragraph (4), the pensioner's widow or widower is entitled to periodic compensation commencing on the day following the pensioner's death and continuing for life.

(3) The annual rate of the periodic compensation at any time is half of the annual rate of the periodic compensation (including any increases under paragraph 28) to which the pensioner would at that time have been entitled under paragraph 3 in respect of the pension had the pensioner not died.

(4) The pensioner's widow or widower is not entitled to periodic compensation under this paragraph in such circumstances as may be prescribed.

(5) In this paragraph “the pension” and “the pensioner” are to be construed in accordance with paragraph 3.