Power to require documents and information

1.—(1) The investigator of a community interest company may require the company or any other person—

(a)to produce such documents (or documents of such description) as the investigator may specify;

(b)to provide such information (or information of such description) as the investigator may specify.

(2) A person on whom a requirement is imposed under sub-paragraph (1) may require the investigator to produce evidence of his authority.

(3) A requirement under sub-paragraph (1) must be complied with at such time and place as may be specified by the investigator.

(4) The production of a document in pursuance of this paragraph does not affect any lien which a person has on the document.

(5) The investigator may take copies of or extracts from a document produced in pursuance of this paragraph.

(6) In relation to information recorded otherwise than in legible form, the power to require production of it includes power to require the production of a copy of it in legible form or in a form from which it can readily be produced in visible and legible form.

(7) In this Schedule—

(a)“the investigator of a community interest company” means a person investigating the company’s affairs under Article 40, and

(b)“document” includes information recorded in any form.